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MeL's JournaL

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16 October
4:20, 8 mile, adema, adidas, aim, aliens, alison lohman, all-american rejects, amanda bynes, american eagle, average joe, avril lavigne, baby blue, bahamas, beach, being stupid, ben mckenzie, blink 182, blue crush, brad pitt, caitlin, canobie lake park, casey, celebrities, center stage, chad michael murray, chanel, cold, cosmopolitan, davis, dirty dancing, disney channel, disney world, dude wheres my car?, eminem, evan rachel wood, evanescence, everwood, fear factor, fil, finch, finding nemo, fishing, freaky friday, friends, gilmore girls, gregory smith, guys, gymnastics, hilary duff, hot guys, ice cream, internet, jamie kennedy, jc chasez, jenn, joe rogan, john mayer, journals, justin timberlake, kids, lifehouse, lindsay lohan, linkin park, livejournal, lizzie mcguire, lord of the rings, lynn, maroon 5, marthas vineyard, marykate and ashley, matt, maury, meet my folks, michael rosenbaum, milo ventimiglia, money, monsters inc., montel, movies, music, ne patriots, nelly, new hampshire, new jersey, nikki reed, older guys, oreo cookies, pacific sunwear, paradise hotel, patrick swayze, paul walker, pepsi, pink, potatoes, puddle of mudd, purple, reading, reeses pieces, road rules, roses, sean, shopping, signs, simple plan, six flags, skiing, skunk ape, sleeping, slush, smallville, snowboarding, soho, sony, spiderman, staind, stars, strawberry daquaries, summer, supercamp, swimming, talking, the ataris, the bachelor, the breakfast club, the calling, the chupacabra, the game of life, the lost boys, the oc, thirteen, tom brady, trapt, turtles, tv, uno, vinnie, will and grace, will smith, writing, ym, ymca

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